Changeset [23704a1643666dc6b162ccad91a4389f31f567e9] by Oleg Andreev

April 28th, 2008 @ 09:57 PM

Merge branch 'new-views' into skiplist-volume

  • new-views: (81 commits)

Minor typo fix

fixed spec for Time encoding (microsecond issue)

added class Views as a wrapper for View[name]

fixed random bug with random uuids sorting, added specs for :limit & :offset

spec for view.find :key => ... added [WARNING! random bug detected: 20% cases -> wrong results order]

updated views.txt

spec for view insertion & find

fixed comments for default_key_encoder

default_key_encoder: Time handling

removed stupid comments

default_key_encoder: added Document decoding: returns raw uuid

view.rb: changed API from View.find_or_create to View.define

dropped :on_duplicate_key option

changed ViewStorage#find to work with SimpleSkiplist#search

view_storage: fixed @skiplist var name

view_storage.rb: renamed @skiplist -> @list

added specs for all SimpleSckiplist#search options except :reverse

removed SearchSkiplist in favor of SimpleSkiplist

moved stuff from SearchSkiplist to SimpleSkiplist

view.rb: #update_head handles situation when there is no previous version


Committed by Yurii Rashkovskii

  • A lib/strokedb/views.rb
  • A lib/strokedb/views/default_key_encoder.rb
  • A lib/strokedb/views/raw_data_meta.rb
  • A lib/strokedb/views/view.rb
  • A lib/strokedb/views/view_storage.rb
  • A spec/lib/strokedb/views/default_key_encoder_spec.rb
  • A spec/lib/strokedb/views/raw_data_meta_spec.rb
  • A spec/lib/strokedb/views/spec_helper.rb
  • A spec/lib/strokedb/views/view_spec.rb
  • A spec/lib/strokedb/views/view_storage_spec.rb
  • R lib/strokedb/view.rb
  • R spec/lib/strokedb/view_spec.rb
  • M lib/strokedb.rb
  • M lib/strokedb/data_structures.rb
  • M lib/strokedb/data_structures/simple_skiplist.rb
  • M lib/strokedb/document/meta.rb
  • M meta/papers/overview/views.txt
  • M spec/lib/strokedb/data_structures/simple_skiplist_spec.rb
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